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About Bawbags

Bawbags Underwear was set up in 2007 to keep the nation's baws tidy and raise money for cancer charities at the same time. Since the beginning we have made underwear with bright, vibrant and fun designs because life is too short for boring boxers! We now have a huge range of underwear for men and women, with our cotton 'Original' boxers and the 'Cool De Sacs' range made with our own Technical Wicking Active Technology. In 2013 we added our first base layers, also using the TWAT fabric, to the Bawbags range which also features a line of premium beanies, tee shirts, hoodies and accessories.

We have always been committed to supporting the sports we love, and over the years the Bawbags Pro Team has grown to include some of the world's best skiers, snowboarders, BMXers, skaters and other action sports athletes who constantly help us with product development, making sure that we are always at the top of our game!

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About the charities we support:

Medical Detection Dogs. We began our support of MDD in early 2014 with the release of our Dug's Baws project and special edition boxers. We donated 5,000 to help pay for the training of our very own medical detection dog, Ulric. Ulric has been trained to detect cancer cells which release small amounts of volatile substances, which he can detect through his acute sense of smell. We hope that this will eventually enable scientists to develop an early cancer screening system. Our support of MDD is ongoing and a portion of proceeds from every sale of our Dug's Baws boxers goes to a fund which will support another dog in the future.


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Orchid is a leading charity in the field of testicular, prostate and penile cancers and they provide a range of support services, as well as pioneering research and raising awareness. We are proud to donate to Orchid who provide such amazing services to those diagnosed with cancer and their families.